The Coalition of Ontario Water Guardians

The Coalition of Ontario Water Guardians works to protect water and watershed security – clean drinking water and the health of our watersheds – to help safeguard public health, ecological integrity, and economic vitality.

Look for significant updates coming in September. Until then, read the June 1 blog post with a link to a YouTube interview with David Crombie on environmental and water security, . 

The Coalition will act as a platform to deliver two types of collaborative campaigns – provincial campaigns to address the largest scale of water security and watershed campaigns to improve outcomes at the local level.

Campaigns will be developed by alternating subsets of partner organizations working toward a common goal. Campaigns may take the form of submissions from the Coalition, petitions available for public support, and/or community engagement on local issues.

Organizations are invited to become Partners, as described in About. Individuals and organizations that choose to not be Partners can support and be part of the Water Guardians by subscribing via the Mailchimp link below the graphic.

Organizational Structure and Campaign Development