The Coalition of Ontario Watershed Guardians

The Coalition of Ontario Watershed Guardians works to protect and improve Ontario’s watershed security – water for people and for nature – to help safeguard regional ecological integrity, social wellbeing, and economic vitality.

This website was revamped in early December, 2023. We will be adding resources shortly. Please see Become a Guardian in the navigation menu above if you’d like to become a Guardian and stay informed. 

The Coalition will act as a platform to deliver two types of campaigns: provincial campaigns to address the largest scale of watershed security and regional efforts to increase public awareness while suggesting improvements to watershed security at the local level.

Individuals and organizations can become a Watershed Guardian and be placed on the e-mail list by sending an e-mail accepting our mission to andrew @ ontario headwaters dot ca, per Become a Guardian. Any Watershed Guardian can suggest a campaign, while organizational Guardians will be made aware of and can volunteer to sit on a Campaign Roundtable, per the graphic below, to flesh out and participate in the proposed campaign should one be developed.

Campaigns may take the form of submissions, petitions available for public support, and/or community engagement on local issues, while no organizational Guardian will be obligated to participate in any individual campaign.

Organizational Structure and Campaign Development