The Coalition of Ontario Watershed Guardians




The Coalition of Ontario Watershed Guardians seeks to protect and improve watershed security – water for people and for nature – to help safeguard regional ecological integrity, social wellbeing, and economic vitality.


The Ontario Headwaters Institute, which promotes watershed security in Ontario through research and education, will facilitate the Coalition to recruit Watershed Guardians to campaigns to protect and improve watershed security in the province, per the drawing below.

Organizational Structure and Campaign Development


The Coalition of Ontario Watershed Guardians shall strive to address:

  • Reconciliation: Embracing good will and recognizing the obligations of all treaty people in the spirit of reconciliation;
  • Resilience: Ensuring resilient policy and stewardship frameworks to protect watershed security in Ontario; and,
  • Responsibility: Encouraging increased multi-sectoral engagement in watershed security, including for civil society, the public, the private sector, and governments.

Operating Guidelines

  • The Ontario Headwaters Institute will manage the Coalition while following the principles and protocols of not-for-profit organizations set by the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario, adhering to provincial statutes and exercising due diligence in its affairs.
  • Guardians can be individuals or organizations, from informal community groups to incorporated non-government organizations. 
  • Any Guardian can suggest a campaign.
  • Organizational Guardians will be made aware of all suggested campaigns and be invited to participate on a Campaign Roundtable, per the drawing above, to discuss, develop, and implement a campaign.
  • Discussion in any Campaign Roundtable will be held digitally; will be informal; and will end with a motion noting consensus on general direction or suggested actions. The written motion will be shared back to all of the members of the Campaign Roundtable, seeking substantial agreement before a campaign is launched.   
  • All Guardians will be informed of and invited to support Coalition Campaigns, while no Guardian is obligated to do so.
  • All Guardians shall conduct themselves in good faith toward others while supporting the Mission;


Please contact the Coalition via